Robotic palletizing

Palletizing involves loading a pallet with filled crates and/or cartons according to a specific pattern. The purpose of this is to load the pallet with the largest possible number of units and the highest possible reliability.

Why use robots for palletizing?

  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • Flexible due to quick-change grippers
  • Multi-gripper is possible
  • Great variety of grippers
  • Robot can palletize multiple lines
  • Robot can palletize different pallet formats and
    pallet sizes
  • Highly reliable technology


Benefits of robot palletizing systems:

  • Modular robot cell
  • Highly efficient and economically attractive solutions
  • Tailor-made solutions
    Very flexible with minimal changeover time
  • High capacity and efficiency
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance costs
  • 4, 5 and 6-axis robots with very high payload capacities
  • For trays, crates, cases, boxes, etc.


MPS robotic palletizing systems

MPS robotic palletizing systems comprises flexible, 6-axis high-speed robots for a wide range of applications, such as handling, machine feeding, processing and distribution applications in the load-bearing range from 3 to 600 kg.
The flexible MPS robot palletizer 225 covers applications weighing up to 225 kg. Despite its considerable load-bearing capacity and wide range of 2,702 mm, the model has a very modest footprint. Its compact, slim body is only 625 mm wide.

A newly developed vibration control system exploits the increased axial speed and inherent rigidity of the gears and enables extraordinary acceleration with short movements. The reduced cycle times also increase productivity.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer or our recommendation also 4 or 5-axis high speed robots can be used for fast and efficient loading of pallets.

MPS robotic palletizing systems are always designed to product specifications.


The robot is the central component of a cell in which pallets and products are transported.
Our engineers develop the grippers, which move one or more transported units with the aid of mechanical clamping system. These grippers can handle one or more products. Our grippers are built for flexible use and can therefore often handle different products at the same time.
Our innovative grippers can usually perform a combination of actions. A multi-functional gripper can (de-)stack empty pallets and (de-)palletize crates in the right configuration onto pallets.